The Executive Round Table (ERT) is a forum for Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce business owners and/or Chief Executive Officers to discuss issues facing their organizations. The ERT attempts to identify solutions and courses of action that maximize growth and realize greater profitability for their companies. In a sense, the group serves as each party’s outside board of directors. Members draw on each other’s experiences and that of professional outside resources, as needed. ERT members have discussed topics that include business expansion, transition for selling, marketing strategies, local business politics, employee benefits, market trends, tax changes, statutory compliance, risk/loss management & abatement and best practices.

ERT members represent a broad cross section of Arlington Heights businesses and operate in non-competing businesses and industries which allows members to share information without reservation. ERT members agree to maintain confidentiality of discussions so that members are able to share business-sensitive information key to solving problems or evaluating opportunities.

The owners/CEO’s of AHCC member businesses in non-competing industries may be considered for ERT. For more information about the Executive Round Table or how to present a topic for feedback discussion, contact the chamber office at (847) 253-1703.

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